Screen Printing

Fullhammer has been screen printing since the 1980’s and has seen a lot of changes within the industry. It has adapted to the changing technology however still provides quality direct manual screen print if required.

Screen Printing is essentially placing a mesh screen onto a garment and applying ink through the mesh with a squeegee directly onto the shirt. The shirt is then run through a tunnel dryer at 160 degrees Celsius to cure the ink.

Plastisol Transfers can also be printed using the same method except the design is printed in reverse onto wax transfer paper. Adhesive Powder is then applied to the print, These are cut to size and pressed in house or dispatched to our clients to heat press onto the garment.

Screen Printing is best used for quantities of at least 25 prints or more. Set-up of a screen is required for each colour in the design so costs are not effective on runs under 25. If you are unsure on the best method to use for your design then please email us for the right answer.

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