Direct To Garment

What are the best garments for Direct to Garment?


100% Cotton Tee's


Tea Towels

What's Direct to Garment?

Imagine your home printer but on a much larger scale and it can print on T-Shirts! Direct to garment is a perfect option for those designs that have a more complicated coloured design or if your looking at doing a small print run

Watch the Video Above to learn more​

Cost Effective

Direct to garment or DTG printing has been around since the mid 2000’s. the machines have improved alot and the technology is now available to produce consistent quality prints on 100% cotton apparel of any design with no limits to colours!

We operate the latest in Brother DTG technology to bring your design to life on any cotton garment. with no set-up or screen costs you can create your print onto a single item in a really cost effective way.

A Print That Lasts

Similarly to screen printing, DTG printing is heat cured but the longevity of your print will depend on your washing skills! cold wash and air dry is the way to go to provide a great life for your print.

DTG prints feel really smooth as the ink impregnates into the material for a soft feel on the garment.