Screen Printing

What are the best garments to screen print on?


T-Shirts, Polos, Hoodies


Sport Shorts, Track Pants


Trucker Hats, Bags, Umbrellas

What's Screen Printing?

Screen Printing is essentially placing a mesh screen, that has had your design transferred, onto a garment and applying ink through the mesh with a squeegee directly onto the shirt. The shirt is then run through a tunnel dryer at 160 degrees Celsius to cure the ink. Multiple colours can be used

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Your Perfect Print

Fullhammer has been screen printing since the 1980’s and has seen a lot of changes within the industry. we have adapted to new technology whilst maintaining high quality results.

Great artwork for screen printing is the key. our design team need to seperate each colour in your design to create a stencil or film. the stencil is then exposed to a screen in readiness for printing. 

We make a screen for each colour in your design so the more colours the more it costs! Our design team can work with you to minimise colours in your design or make recommendations to make your print pop!

There is an endless choice of ink colours available from the pantone colour matching (pms) system. thanks to our production team having years of experience with mixing inks. 

Production & Price

Once the design is approved, screens created and ink colour chosen it’s time to produce! ink is pushed through the screen with a squeegee. the right technique and pressure are the key to the perfect result. the ink then needs to be cured so your t-shirt will go through a heat tunnel similar to a pizza oven to be baked. your garment is then ready to handle constant washing from you constantly wearing your t-shirt!

Depending on garments being printed we may also do the same process onto screen printed transfers for heat pressing to the garment.

Pricing of screen printing is best suited to quantities of 25 or more. for less than this direct to garment may be the option.